FAQs About Buying a House in Marbella and Brexit


There are some fantastic luxury properties on the Costa del Sol just waiting for you, with a huge selection of amazing choices located in Marbella alone. This is perfect for anyone who’s looking to buy a new house abroad, whether they’re interested in a villa or mansion.

For a long time, the only thing that’s really stood in the way of buying in Marbella are the high property prices – after all, the chance to live in this incredible, high-end destination doesn’t come cheap. However, many British investors looking to buy in 2021 may see Brexit as being a new roadblock.

Countless people are putting their plans on hold because they’re uncertain of how the UK leaving Europe will affect their investments – despite the fact that it’s not as bad as it seems. In reality, you’ll find that now is as good a time as any to buy a property in Spain.

Fortunately for you, we’re here to break down the facts of what Brexit means for home buyers and property investors alike.

5 frequently asked questions about Brexit

If you’re one of the many individuals out there that are interested in buying or selling a property in Spain you’re certainly not alone, but there’s no need to hold back on your purchase like so many people are currently doing.

Here are 5 questions that we’re often asked about Brexit to help ease your mind.

Can I still buy luxury property in Marbella?

If you haven’t looked too far into the changes that Brexit will impose, you’ll be glad to hear that there aren’t any new restrictions or specific requirements to be a national of an EU country to buy a house in Spain. For the most part, if you want to invest in Spanish property in Marbella, you’ll find that you won’t have to deal with any strange or new legislations during the process or the move.

Are there any drawbacks to selling a Spanish property now?

If you’re instead thinking of selling, you may also be wondering if you’ll be able to do so successfully, and if there are any downsides. Aside from the costs of taxes (which can be impossible to predict), you’ll find that there aren’t any additional costs or regulations to stand in your way.

If you want to list your property in Spain, you may be interested in getting in touch with our team.

Will I be allowed to rent out a property I own in Marbella?

The rules regarding rental properties can vary from one area to another when it comes to tourist rentals. Aside from this commonality, there aren’t any restrictions in place that should have an impact on landlords who are not EU nationals (nor do there seem to be any future plans that may cause difficulties).

Does Brexit make it more expensive to buy houses in Spain?

For most buyers, price is going to be a key factor. There are different forms of taxes that you’ll need to consider regardless of Brexit, like Spanish VAT and stamp duty, with no particular taxes that specifically target expats. Aside from possible changes to currency exchange rates, there isn’t likely to be any additional fees for you to deal with.

Do buyers from the UK have any protection when buying overseas?

In Spain, all property transactions are completed by the signature of a deed of sale before a Spanish public official, confirming the identity of the parties and making the transaction valid. While there’s no difference post-Brexit, it can be wise to get some advice on the matter from someone who is well versed in both Spanish and UK property transactions.

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