Is it Worth Buying a Holiday Home in Marbella?

If you’ve ever visited Marbella before, we’re certain that you’ll know a few of the many things that make this city such a magnificent location. From the sunshine and warm weather, to the luxury way of life that the Costa del Sol is so well known for; it’s not hard to see why this is a popular holiday destination among individuals across the globe.

With all this, you may be considering purchasing a property here so you can relax in the comfort of your second home whenever you visit, rather than renting out someone else’s villa or staying in a hotel. If you’re still unsure, it might be worth taking a look at a few of the reasons why this can be an excellent idea. These are just 5 things that might help you to make your decision.

1: The incredible climate

One of the main reasons why a wide variety of people choose to visit this stunning destination for holidays and even relocate to this part of Spain is because of the fantastic weather. You’ll often find that it never gets too cold (even in the winter) and that the summer months, while hot, are never unbearable. This gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy all the wondrous things in Marbella and make the most of your time here.

To top it off, the sun shines for an average of 320 days each year – what’s not to love about that?

2: A number of magnificent beaches

The perfect way to enjoy the excellent climate and many, many days of sun is at one of the city’s incredible beaches. It’s no secret that the Costa del Sol is home to a variety of them, with some of the best belonging to Marbella. A few of these include:

  • Nueva Andalucía Beach
  • Playa del Cortijo Blanco
  • El Faro Beach
  • Playas de Puerto Banús
  • San Pedro de Alcántara Beach

3: Living in luxury

While the weather and beaches are a great reason to come for a break from everyday life, the properties located here are sure to entice you to consider purchasing – just take a look at a few of the absolutely gorgeous villas that are up for sale and you’ll see why.

Looking for the best beachfront apartments in Marbella? Or perhaps even luxury Marbella mansions? If you have the budget, the possibilities are practically endless for what you could buy.

The lifestyle, beautiful location and amazing properties are just a few of the factors that lead many people to not just buy a holiday home, but to actually move into the stunning house they purchase and enjoy the numerous benefits that come with living on the Costa del Sol.

4: All the wonders that Spain has to offer

The Costa del Sol is certainly beautiful, but there are many great things about the country as a whole. The cost of living, fascinating traditions, wonderful food and first-world conveniences are just a few examples of things that aren’t exclusive to this area – although you’re likely to find that the city has its own unique history, culture and much more to dive into.There are a number of reasons why Spain is such a popular location among countless people world wide (for both relocations and breaks from mundane life), with locations like Marbella proving that there really is a lot to love.

You’re sure to find a good property for sale in Spain, but none are quite like the luxurious homes that can be found in the Costa del Sol.

5: The process can be made far simpler with our help

Buying a house, whether it’s a holiday home or your new permanent property, isn’t always the simplest of tasks. From deciding on a budget, to the long and often boring process of searching the market for one that is right for you (and even then, there is much more to come after that); there’s just so much involved with it all. This is where we can come in.

Our team here at Luxury Property Finder Marbella are dedicated to helping individuals through the house searching and buying process. We know that it can be much more complicated when buying in Marbella, due to the high demand and speed that properties are bought off the market, premium costs and wide variety of options – but with our help, you could greatly reduce the amount of time and effort that you need to put in.