Why Move to Sotogrande?

The breathtaking Spanish region of the Costa del Sol is home to a wide variety of stunning locations; from the prestigious La Zagaleta, to the authentic Andalusian town of Mijas. Each area has something special to offer to residents, whether it’s beautiful beaches, peace and quiet, or even interesting nightlife.

The sheer number of amazing places can make buying luxury apartments on the Costa del Sol quite a challenge, as picking the ideal one isn’t always an easy task (especially when considering the different perks that each has to offer).

One of the many great options available to you is Sotogrande – and if you’re looking for an area that seamlessly blends the beauty of Spain and the luxurious country club lifestyle that so many people come to this region for, we’re certain that Sotogrande will be one of your top picks.

Here are just a few reasons why you might want to consider buying a house in Sotogrande.

1: A choice between peace and relaxation or an active social life

Living in Sotogrande offers plenty of opportunities to get involved with the community whether you’re a local or an expat, but you could just as easily enjoy a quieter way of life if you prefer to keep yourself to yourself.

You’ll find a wide variety of places to interact with other residents; from beach clubs and golf courses, to the nightlife and the yachting marina. Alternatively, there’s also a host of quiet beaches and nature areas that are just perfect for a nice walk or picnic, for those who would rather step away from a busy social life and enjoy the tranquillity of Spanish living.

2: Ideal for nature lovers

For many, nature is a big part of Sotogrande’s allure. Developers have been careful to keep as much of the natural beauty alive and to respect nature, while also building an incredible destination for luxury living.

From woodlands to wetlands, you’ll find it all in Sotogrande; as well as some truly stunning flora and fauna. Eagles and kestrels are a common sight here, although you could also see over 140 types of birds resting and eating at the mouth of Guardiaro River while on their migratory trip to Africa – making it ideal for any bird enthusiasts out there.

3: Beaming sunshine

While the whole of the Costa del Sol benefits from having sunshine for almost 320 days a year, it’s one of the many things that makes life in Sotogrande so incredible and is certainly worth mentioning.

You’re likely to enjoy mild winters at comfortable temperatures here – and thanks to its location by the sea, this area avoids the hottest of the weather that inland towns suffer with, so you can revel in the heat without it being unbearable. This will allow you to peruse the wonders of the outdoors any time of year, which is something that most will find very appealing.

4: A variety of excellent beaches

There is an array of amazing beaches here in this part of Spain and one of the most notable drawbacks that you hear from holidaymakers is that they simply don’t have the time to visit them all during their stay. If you opt to move here however, you’ll have all the time you need – and plenty of opportunities to find your favourite.

Play Guadalquiton for example, is one of the quietest and most deserted beaches in Andalucía, even in the summer. On the other hand, you have beaches like Playa Paseo del Mar that tend to be more popular – thanks to the facilities on offer (shower, toilets, lifeguard huts and more), as well as its location.

5: The selection of properties

A key reason why so many people choose to move to Sotogrande is because of the array of excellent luxury homes located here.

There are numerous amazing mansions, along with luxury villas, apartments, houses and more. If you decide to take a look at the choices for yourself, you’re sure to find that there is a wide variety of different properties that could be ideal as your future home.

Finding the ideal homes in Sotogrande

Looking for beachfront apartments in Sotogrande? Or perhaps a mansion so stunning it’ll blow you away? Our team here at Luxury Property Finders Marbella can help you to find your future home and help you to start living on the Costa del Sol.

Our team of dedicated property finding experts have helped countless individuals to purchase their dream homes in locations across the region – and we’re certain that we’ll be able to help you.