Is it Expensive to Live in Marbella?

There are some truly fantastic destinations across the globe, but none are quite like Marbella when it comes to luxury and quality of life. However, this often comes at a price – and not everyone is able to afford the lifestyle that this beautiful part of Spain has to offer. If you’re interested in moving to this area or buying a house on the Costa del Sol, it would be worthwhile to take the time to see if living in Marbella is as expensive as you would think.

How costly is life in Marbella?

There are a wide variety of different things that need to be taken into consideration when determining the general cost of living in Marbella. Everyday expenses such as transport, food and utility bills will all need to be considered as a priority.

Of course, the numbers will vary greatly from one person to the next, since everyone’s situation is different. You may have a family and enjoy going out on trips around the region together, or perhaps you’re single and want to enjoy life in a beachfront apartment. Both of these will come with very different monthly price tags, so it’s important to take into account what you need from life and how quickly outgoings are likely to add up.

As mentioned above, there are certainly a number of different factors that you need to keep in mind. For example, the average broadband internet can be purchased for less than €30, and 1kg of chicken generally costs around €6. Be sure to take a look at your general expenses and compare the prices between them and where you’re currently living – the results are likely to leave you stumped.

What about other costs?

Being able to buy food, electricity and survive is certainly important, but there are also some other expenses that you should consider, too. For example, if you enjoy eating out, it might be worth taking a look at the general prices of restaurants. The same goes for pretty much anything outside of the essentials that you believe to be to be a regular part of your life; whether that’s having a night out with friends, or just relaxing by the beach.

How does the cost of living match up to other locations?

As mentioned above, comparing the costs to where you currently live can be insightful, and with this in mind, it can be worthwhile to think about other locations, too. For example, when looking at other cities in Spain, such as Barcelona, you’ll find that Marbella is around 7% cheaper. The same goes for Madrid, which is 6% more expensive.

If we expand this to other parts of the globe, we can see that the difference in price is far more noticeable. For example, the cost of living in Marbella is around 30% cheaper than Paris and 40% cheaper than London.

The huge difference in price, as well as the general quality of life that the region has to offer, makes moving to Marbella quite an attractive choice for a wide variety of people.

Does all this sound good to you?

With fair day-to-day costs and a truly fantastic lifestyle, what’s not to love about Marbella? There’s simply so much to enjoy – and if you have the budget, all of the benefits of living on the Costa del Sol could be right there for you to enjoy.

How Luxury Property Finder Marbella could help you

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