Your Guide to Living in Estepona

The Costa del Sol is a breathtaking region on the Spanish coast – drawing the attention of holidaymakers, investors and famous people from around the globe. Whether visiting for a luxurious getaway or moving here to enjoy the fantastic lifestyle, it’s important to pick the right location.

There are so many incredible places here for you to choose from; from Marbella, to Mijas. However, there are quite a few reasons why it might be worth considering buying a house in Estepona.

Why choose Estepona?

While not as much in the public eye as locations like Puerto Banús, Estepona is still a destination that attracts attention. Despite the level of tourism, Estepona still holds true to its roots of a small, Spanish fishing town – offering plenty of Andalusian charm and beauty to those who visit.

If you’re looking to enjoy the epitome of luxury, Estepona isn’t necessarily the best choice – Marbella may be a much better place for this kind of lifestyle. However, if you want to live in a traditional Spanish town and have all the luxury and beauty you need right next door, this could be a great place to settle down. Essentially, it’s what you’d expect from living on the Costa del Sol, but generally quieter and more laid-back.

A guide to living in Estepona

Want to know what life’s like here in this stunning town? Fortunately for you, we have all the info you need.


With the main airports of Málaga and Gibraltar being nearby, as well as the connection to the AP-7 toll road, modern bus station and more; getting around tends to be a breeze, even for those without a car.


There are both private and state-run clinics and medical facilities, all of which are high quality. To be eligible for state-run healthcare, you’ll need to be a full-time resident and own a health card. If not, private healthcare and insurance may be a better option.


There are many small to medium sized shops in the town centre, as well as markets that you should visit when you get a chance. If you’re looking for large shopping complexes and more high-end stores, that’s all available to you just a short drive away in Marbella.


Not only are there some great Spanish state establishments, but also international schools too, so if you want to make sure that your kids won’t miss out on a quality education, you’ll be in good hands.


The Costa del Sol is known for being one of the safest regions in Europe, but Estepona itself has an exceptionally low crime rate.


While Estepona has remained true to its authentic culture, there are still plenty of great things to see and do here – perfect for anyone who’s looking to live in a location that offers the quiet Spanish life alongside all the fun and excitement of this luxurious coastal region. Be sure to spend some time in Estepona’s Old Town, visit the Orchidarium Estepona, or any of the fantastic beaches here (of which there are several!)

If you’re planning on buying a property in any location, these are some of the key points that you should consider.

What kinds of properties are there in Estepona?

Buying in Estepona? If so, you’re probably wondering what kinds of houses will be available here in this stunning town. Just like the cost of living, safety and healthcare, the types of homes on offer are also one of the main points to keep in mind, no matter where you’re thinking of living.

The good news is that whatever you’re after, you’re likely to find something that’ll suit your needs as there’s a wide variety of properties to choose from. Better yet, this is one of the best areas to look for a bargain Spanish property for sale, since most buyers will find that prices are lower here than in the more touristy parts of the region.

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