Have You Explored Baelo Claudia Tarifa?

There are plenty of great historical sites within Málaga – and while countless people come to this city for luxurious vacations by the beach, the archaeological side of this destination shouldn’t be overlooked. One of the most popular ancient landmarks in the area is the Alcazaba and, while this site is well worth visiting, we’d recommend a trip to Baelo Claudia Tarifa.

Why visit Baelo Claudia Tarifa?

If you’re interested in Roman architecture and the general time period, this is one of the best landmarks for you to check out on the Costa del Sol. Not only is this the perfect place to get an idea of what life must have been like in a Roman settlement all those years ago, but it’s also so well preserved that you can truly feel like you’ve stepped back in time into this prosperous town.

There are a wide variety of incredible landmarks within Baelo Claudia, including the theatre, the market, the temple of Isis and the basilica – all of which you could peruse during your visit. There’s also the excellent visitor centre, offering everything you’ll need; from parking and shade, to a shop and stunning views.

A closer look into the remains of this ancient Roman city

The 4 temples

While visiting, you might want to stop by and see the remains of the 4 amazing temples in the city. One is dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Isis, and the other three are dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva (one for each of the components of the Capitoline Triad).

The theatre

The largest building in residence is easily the theatre, with a capacity of up to 2000 people. Many shows were once held here, back in a time where all the actors were men – even the female characters!

The market

The enclosed market area is formed by around 14 stores and an inner courtyard. While all of these are understandably abandoned, they offer a glimpse into the everyday life of Roman civilisation.

Administrative buildings

Be sure to visit sites like the courthouse, the local senate and the municipal archive during your exploration of the city – they may not be in action anymore, but they’re well worth a look.

5 interesting facts about Baelo Claudia

  • The town was founded towards the end of the 2nd century BC and was a major port for Tangier
  • Located just outside of Tarifa, not too far away from Gibraltar, the ancient settlement was once an important fishing village and trade link on the shores of the coastal region
  • The town was so successful that it was granted the title of municipilim (the Latin term for a town or city) by Emperor Claudius
  • While it was prosperous at the time of Emperor Claudius (AD 41-54), it began to decline due to earthquakes, natural disasters and attacks from hordes of pirates. It was eventually abandoned in the 6th century as a result
  • Excavations of this site have revealed that this area has some of the most comprehensive remains of a Roman town in the whole of the Iberian Peninsula

Baelo Claudia, beaches and so much more are all waiting for you

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