Best Places for an Expat to Live on the Costa del Sol

If you’ve made the decision to make a move to the breathtaking coastal region of the Costa del Sol in Spain, there are a lot of things that you’ll need to do. Aside from setting a budget and even looking for a property, you’re going to need to decide where in this stunning location you’re going to want to live.

Buying a house on the Costa del Sol is no small investment, so you really need to make sure that you take all the time you need to pick the right place for your unique wants and needs. Whether buying in Sotogrande or purchasing a villa in Puerto Banús appeals to you, it’s always best to do your research.

The best locations to live as an expat

With so many amazing places, starting your search can sometimes be quite daunting. To get a head start, learn a little bit about a few of the areas that appeal to you and from there, begin the journey of finding your ideal property for sale in Spain.


With landmarks like the Selwo Aquarium, Tivoli World, the stunning marina and much more, it’s not hard to see why this city is a popular holiday destination. You can have all the things that make it appealing to tourists while living here too, except that you can enjoy them anytime you like.

From restaurants, to amusement parks; there’s just so much to see and do. Better yet, the city’s luxury properties are absolutely fantastic, so you’ll have comfort and peace whenever you choose to relax.


The coastal town of Fuengirola is an excellent choice for anyone who isn’t looking to permanently relocate, but instead buy a holiday home where they can enjoy a break from the stress of everyday life.

Beautiful sandy beaches, incredible seafront restaurants and a lively nightlife await you in Fuengirola – and to top it all off, the views here are just magnificent.


One of the top destinations has got to be Málaga, simply for the fact that there are many things that make this city an amazing location. Affordable living costs, healthier diet and faster travel to other parts of Spain (thanks to the rail system) are just a few of the things you can look forward to.

Over the past decade, it went from being a quiet and relatively unknown fishing destination to one of the most popular cities in the whole country – you wouldn’t even believe it was the same place!


Much like Málaga, most people know of and love Marbella. Easily the most upmarket part of Spain, locations like Puerto Banús really do bring a new meaning to luxury and high-end living. World class restaurants, designer shops all around and some of the best properties you’ll find in Europe are just a few of the things that have given Marbella such high status across the globe.

While you’re likely to notice that the prices of homes here are quite a bit higher than the rest of the region (and with the incredible penthouses and villas, it’s not hard to see why), it’s more than worth it for those who have the budget. Take a look at some of the options and we’re sure that you’ll want to start living in Marbella right away.


If you’re looking for variety, we’d suggest looking deeper into what the municipality of Mijas has to offer. You have la Cala de Mijas, which is a coastal village and a popular seaside resort. Further away from the coast is Mijas Pueblo – an authentic Andalusían village that’s truly magnificent. The third main part of Mijas is Las Lagunas, which is a more suburban, commercial area.

Each of these has something to offer and since they’re so close together, you could experience the benefits of all three without having to travel far.


Looking for beachfront homes on the Costa del Sol? If so, we’d advise you to take a closer look into the properties in Torremolinos. This seaside resort is perfect for anyone who wants to make the most of the 320 days of sun the coastal region has to offer, while also enjoying a comfortable, peaceful lifestyle.

Another bonus is that many of the luxury homes here are fairly priced, considering how beautiful they are and the location that they’re in. Why not take the time to find out more about what’s on offer if you’re interested in visiting Torremolinos?