5 Health Benefits of Living by the Sea

So many people dream of purchasing a beachside home and being able to enjoy life by the sea, whether it’s for the sun, fantastic views, the salty smell… the list goes on. Because of this, we’re sure that you’ve considered taking a closer look at beachfront apartments in Marbella, or one of the many other cities in the coastal region of the Costa del Sol.

Before you decide to go ahead and start your search, we’d like to show you a few of the science-backed health benefits that can come with relocating to sandier climates.

1) Sea water can help with healing skin

If you’re curious about how it could be better for your physical health, a great place to start is explaining the many minerals that can be found in the ocean. Iodine, magnesium and sodium are just a few examples – and the interesting part is that each of them has healing properties. Skin problems such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis are can all be improved greatly by salt water and UVB radiation, and most people with sensitive skin can take advantage of the sea’s replenishing effects.

2) The air is clearer, making it better for your wellbeing

When you’re living by the coast, you’re likely to notice that even the air itself is better for you, helping to improve your mood and allowing you to relax and rest easier. Scientific studies have shown that a consistent influx of sea air can be better for sleep due to the fact that it’s fresher and generally has higher levels of oxygen. Not only that, but it also helps with balancing serotonin (the body’s happiness hormones).

Another benefit comes from the mist of saline water within the atmosphere on the coast, as it can be great for those who suffer with conditions like sinusitis, thanks to the soothing effect the air has on the mucosal lining in the respiratory system.

3) Boosting your overall mental health

As mentioned a little above, a person’s ability to sleep and general mood can be improved by sea air alone, but this isn’t all you have to look forward to.

Research suggests that it can help with reducing feelings of depression and anxiety too, with most studies comparing the differences between individuals living near the sea and those moving closer inland – and as you may have guessed, those by the shore experienced far less mental distress.

4) The power of stunning sights

Even the views can work wonders for an individual’s wellbeing. A quick look at the vast and beautiful ocean from your window could calm you down and wash your sadness away. Your problems may seem small when looking at something so large and spectacular, and this is something that’s commonly called “the power of awe”. Essentially, just looking at the ocean (or anything that will leave you in wonder) can slow down a person’s heart rate and make them feel more relaxed.

5) A higher chance of being active

Studies show that those who live by the shore are far more likely to be frequently active than those who don’t, which is something that often leads to a healthier and more positive lifestyle overall. With opportunities for water sports and activities like running and jogging on the coastline (as well as the fact that you’ll be more likely to want to go for walks to soak up the atmosphere), the exercise you’ll get is sure to improve your physical and mental condition.

Living on the Costa del Sol

As most will agree, there’s nothing quite like going on holiday to a beautiful location like the Costa del Sol and relaxing on some of the absolutely fantastic beaches located in these kinds of coastal regions.

With the many amazing houses for sale in Marbella, Málaga and essentially everywhere in this part of Spain (alongside the wonderful weather and luxurious lifestyle), it shouldn’t come as a surprise that countless people opt to relocate here to enjoy the incredible way of life.

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