Things to See and Do in Málaga

If you’ve done any research on the stunning Spanish region of the Costa del Sol, we’re sure that you’ll know at least a few things about the seaside city of Málaga.

Museums, festivals, beaches and more are just a few of the aspects that make this city unique, as well as an excellent place for those who are looking for somewhere where they can have plenty of entertainment options right outside their door.

These things aren’t just for tourists, either; in fact, those who choose to move and start living in Málaga will get to enjoy the wonders of the city anytime they wish – and with a wide variety of luxury properties here, it’s not hard to see why so many individuals search for houses for sale in Málaga every year.

If you’re not convinced yet, we’re certain that you’ll be able to make the choice after taking a look at a few of the things that this city has to offer.

1: La Alcazaba

The intimidating walls of the Moorish fortress palace of La Alcazaba can be seen from practically anywhere in the city of Málaga – and for this reason alone, it’s a site that you simply can’t miss out on seeing in more detail.

This is one of the most valuable monuments from the Islamic era, being built all the way back in the 8th century (and having been expanded over the proceeding 500 years). This site is simply so magnificent that it’s easily one of the city’s most popular, more notable landmarks.

2: Ataranzas Market

Tourists flock to the Atranzas Market to get a feel for the everyday life of the region. It’s a focal point of the city and plenty of residents come here every day just to buy their groceries. You’ll find pretty much all the standard local market produce here; from meat and fresh bread, to fruit and vegetables.

Aside from the fact that you’re likely to stop by many times whilst living here just for the shopping experience and food on offer alone, the atmosphere and stunning architecture will surely keep you coming back, too. The market itself is located within a beautiful structure, complete with an awesome stained-glass window, an iron and glass canopy and more.

3: Castillo de Gibralfaro

Castillo de Gibralfaro is another incredible majestic hilltop fortress that can be seen from across the city. Unlike the Alcazaba though, this structure‘s purpose is believed to have been more war-related, due to lookout towers and ramparts that are still standing strong even today, despite the fact that this fortress has been here since the Phoenicians (which means it’s been standing for at least 2,500 years).

It was also a part of an important siege in 1487 – and the Muslim Malagueños held out against its attackers (King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella) for roughly 3 months, until they finally surrendered and ran out of food.

4: The stunning beaches

As you can imagine, this seaside city has a variety of amazing beaches – so many that it’s quite a challenge to just pick out one. A few of the great options include:

  • La Malagueta
  • Los Alamos
  • La Misericordia
  • Torremolinos

You’re likely to find that the beaches here are often quite busy, especially during the summer. While this isn’t the case for all of them, some (like La Malagueta and Los Alamos) are typically far busier than others, due in part to the facilities and amenities that are in residence.

5: Málaga Cathedral

This church took more than 150 years to build – and because of this, the aesthetic of the beautiful structure is a blend of Renaissance and Baroque style. The facade is just incredible, with stone reliefs of different saints, grand arches and more. Better yet there’s the interior, which has plenty to offer on its own.

There’s some interesting history to this site, too. For example, the cathedral’s north tower is one of the largest in Andalusia, yet the south tower was never built, as funds for this part of the church were instead given to help America become independent from the British.

Living on the Costa del Sol

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