Why Buy a Luxury Property in La Zagaleta?

The Costa del Sol is known for luxury living, but none of the areas are quite as spectacular as the exclusive neighbourhood of La Zagaleta.

Located just 10 minutes away from Marbella on the hills of Benahavís, this area is set within 900 hectares of valleys between the mountains and sea, offering residents a chance to live in a location with natural beauty and stunning views. Of that 900, only 300 were used for the construction of the luxury villas – and this is just one of the many things there are to love about this breathtaking location.

If you’re considering living on the Costa del Sol, be sure to take a closer look at everything that La Zagaleta has to offer and whether or not buying a property here is right for your unique requirements.

What does this exclusive neighbourhood have to offer?

The Old Course Clubhouse

The Old Course Clubhouse is often considered to be the social hub of La Zagaleta. This site has 5,000m2 of space indoors, along with a number of amenities to keep residents busy and entertained. A remarkable restaurant with delicious meals, cosy lounges, a pool, shops and so much more can be enjoyed here.

The New Course Clubhouse

The New Course Clubhouse offers the same services and amenities as the Old Course Clubhouse, just on a smaller scale. So, what makes this site special? One of the main reasons why you’re sure to love the newer one is because it features stunning architecture and is situated in a private setting with beautiful surroundings. While smaller, it’s certainly not lacking in aesthetics or extravagance!

Community-wide services

Thanks to the many organised, community-wide services offered here, residents don’t usually have to worry about taking care of a number of everyday chores. From shopping and home deliveries, to swimming pool care and gardening; there are many small tasks that you won’t need to worry about while living in La Zagaleta.

The Zagaleta Country Club

Designed by Brad Benz and redesigned by Marc Westenborg, The Zagaleta Country Club is a champion standard course that any fan of the sport is sure to love. Often known as the Old Golf Course by residents, this area is exclusive to those that live in the community – and offers a great place to relax and enjoy a few games with friends and neighbours.

The New Golf Course

The second golf course here is truly spectacular and while both form a part of the same country club, they’re unique in so many ways. This course perfectly matches its surroundings to the point where it practically blends into the scenery. The many interesting features of this course make it quite a fun challenge that most will agree is quite different from the play-style of the Old Golf Course.

Horse riding

The exclusive Riding Club offers the finest facilities for residents to look after and practise with the 11 horses and ponies that are cared for here. Many residents have even brought their own horses to live in the Riding Club, simply because of how much love and effort is put into keeping them happy and healthy.

Life in La Zagaleta

These are just a few of the things that make this affluent location so incredible, but what’s it like to actually live here?

I think we can all agree that the high end houses for sale in La Zagaleta are just phenomenal – and in general, no one would want to turn down the opportunity to live in one of these fantastic homes. One of the main advantages is that this neighbourhood doesn’t just have prime properties, but also a breathtaking environment that makes it ideal for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy the peace, comfort and tranquillity of nature while living in a sophisticated property.

Residents are likely to feel safer knowing that they have plenty of privacy in their homes – and this, alongside the fact that this area also guarantees security to be working around the clock, only makes buying a house here seem even greater.

The facilities are only open for club members (and their guests). Anyone who purchases a luxury property or a plot of land automatically has membership and can enjoy the many benefits that come with the exclusive services and privileges. You’re sure to find that everything you’ll need to enjoy your life is here; whether it’s the peace and beauty of nature, or the many activities located at the clubhouse.

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The stunning properties

Whether you’re into more traditional Spanish Andalusian style villas or modern mansions, there’s bound to be something here that’s just perfect for your requirements. Better yet, regardless of the aesthetic of the home, all of the properties are fully equipped with all the amenities you could need. Many have features like fountains, expensive furniture, cinemas, luxurious swimming pools and much more.

The only issue that you may come across is that the opulent homes here in la Zagaleta are in high demand. Because of this, some people will find it quite difficult to both find and secure a property. Fortunately for you, our team are here to help.

How could Luxury Property Finder Marbella help you?

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